Little Azorek is looking for a place to live. Who will give him a home or a temporary home?

Little Azorek is looking for a place to live. Who will give him a home or a temporary home?


Here is the received information:


“I don’t even know how to start this post about Azorek. OK, OK, we hear a lot about the topic of animal cruelty, but it was the first time when I have seen this issue in this particular way for myself. We found out about Azorek completely by accident, when we went to see a dog from a report. I don’t even want to think about what could happen when he hadn’t started to bark back then. It turned out that Azor is a dog which after the death of his owner was taken away by his neighbour. Everything was fine until the old lady fell ill and her daughter started to take care of him – and Azor was locked in a shed and left there until today! For a few years he was isolated from sunlight, smell of grass, walks, a touch of a human hand, a companion of any living being. His life is the years of loneliness and darkness, years spent in his own excrements, shed doors were opening very narrowly when the owner threw there something to eat. Today Azorek is taken away from this horrible place and temporarily lives with a wonderful person, who couldn’t ignore this dog’s tragedy, but she already has 6 other dogs and quite a sizable pack of cats, that’s why Azorek needs to find someone, who will show him what the terms HOME and a LOVING friend mean. He is around 8 years old and because he used to live in darkness for many years, Azorek has eyesight problems. In the next few days, when the first shock ends, we will be able to tell something more about him. I know that it will be probably impossible to find a home for this dog, but I cannot take this chance back from him and refuse to try. He is located in the area around Siedlce, tel. 508061092.

Update: After the first day of a new life, it can be stated with absolute certainty that Azorek is a very nice dog, which longs for touch and contact with people. He jumps cheerfully when someone comes over to him and he craves for every kind of caress, as if he wanted to catch up with those lost years. Let someone give him some mercy, Azorek doesn’t need to live at home, a loving owner, a warm kennel and a bowl filled with food will be the best type of happiness for him.”

Who will love Azorek?

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