Wojtuś is now being at an animal shelter, in a cold cage. Once in a blue moon does he go for a walk with the volunteer and when he does, he jibs at getting back to the cage every time. He is constantly crying…

That’s how Wojtuś is described by our volunteer:

Wojtek is a sociable, 2-year-old (he looks even younger) small, weighting 14 kg dog. He resembles a cavalier, especially if we take his very friendly character into account. Wojtek hasn’t found a home yet, despite being extraordinarily lovely, cute, trusting, energetic and cheerful. It’s a dog that loves both adults and children. He is keen on other companions and he may live with another dog on condition that he will be approved of. He is learned to walk on a lead, however he hardly has a chance to do so. Loneliness, cold weather, no walks and no human company can result in deprivation of such wonderful tenderness and sensitivity, that’s why he needs to find home immediately. Don’t hesitate, come here to visit Wojtuś. I know he’s a kind of dog that enchants every single person; if he’s enchanted me, he’ll do the same with you! The winter is coming and it will be hard for him to live in the shelter. Contact: 603659784″

Who’s going to show Wojtuś some love and give him a new home for Christmas?


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