Sonia of Ustanów

Imię: Sonia of Ustanów
Numer: 8/2014

Adoptuj – zadzwoń 503 069 502 lub napisz

No.: 8/2014
Gender: female
Age: young
Size: medium
Breed: Mongrel
Destination: in a detached house with a garden; with other animals; in an apartment
Status: up for adoption



Sonia from Ustanów

Sonia was a stray and as it often happens she whelped a number of puppies… At the same day she was brought to the Foundation. We accepted her in our hotel. Once she had fed the puppies and they all had found a home, we moved her to a hotel more suitable for her psyche.. She was very reserved.

Sonia has greatly improved since then and is now a cute, lovely dog ready for adoption. She keeps her sorroundings clean, she does not demolish household equipment, she is sterilized and healthy. She is happy to play with other animals and shows no signs of aggressiveness towards them.  She barks but not too often.

Having received lots of patience and benevolence she is sure to repay you with true love.

Contact persons:
Ela 503 069 502
Ewa 608 504 380

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