It’s time to summarise the adoptions, there has been quite a lot of them, recently. There have also been temporary homes.

We are incredibly happy about our dogs’ new homes. We thank everyone who has taken care of our animals and wish them many joyful moments in life. All the best!

Homes were provided for: Donia, Zwornik/Salemek, Wera, Pinka, Lexi and Kuga, Zabka, Dzidek and Karmel.

Temporary homes were provided for: Szogun, Tolek and Klemens. Unfortunately, here we have failed. Szogun came back after a week, because he was too much of a burden on three students. Tolek has separation anxiety, and he’s also coming back to the hotel, because the neighbours protested. These are sad news, because such situations  cause a lot of stress to the animals.

News from Klemens’s temporary home are positive. He’s okay, but can stay only until 31.01.2018. Till this time, we have to find him a new home.




Donia is an ideal doggy.


Karmel already feels at home.


Żabka and her signature stunt.


Salemek loves lying on his owner’s lap.


Pinka is very happy among her toys.


Pinka has company to play with.


Lexi in his new home.


Kuga – a little devil.


Kuga and his new friend.


Kuga’s ears are standing up.


Klemens is a little nervous.


Dzidek is tired after a long journey.

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