Abandoned puppy found – fuzzy ball is looking for home.

Abandoned puppy found – fuzzy ball is looking for home.


Yesterday’s report from our volunteer – Kasia:

„I found an abandoned puppy on my way back home from work yesterday. Someone had left it by the property where two other dogs live. The abandoner thought, perhaps, that the dogs’ owner would take care of the puppy. The owner did not take it in, despite puppy’s cuteness. So I took it home and gave it a name Albert…”

That lucky doggy is 8 weeks old and as an adult it will weigh about 20-25 kg. It is bathed, dried, dewormed and no more hungry; it does not have any ticks. Puppy’s favourite activities are sleeping, eating, peeing and messing around.

Albert’s looking for home. Kasia’s phone number – 606 990 837

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